Whiff it.

Whiff Zone is the space where you breath with air purified by plants. Is that possible? Of course.

The measurement

involves installing pollution sensors outside or inside the facility. Data is collected and then analyzed. The deadline for stage completion is adjusted to the project.


Planting design

Based on the data analysis, we create a planting project incorporating plants that meet the needs of the particular facility or its surroundings.

Pierwsze nasadzenie roślin

Planting first plants.

Gromadzenie oraz analiza danych

Collection and analysis of data

on the basis of which the customer receives information on the effects of the process, as well as recommendations for conduct.

Gromadzenie oraz analiza danych

Taking care of plants and any required additional planting.

Why Whiff?

Whiff, is a comprehensive system of measuring air pollution and planting air-filtering plants.

We operate in the Smart Cities sector and building automation. Our team has many years of experience in developing monitoring systems and data collection for commercial and office facilities.

If plants were capable of transmitting a WiFi signal, we would certainly plant so many of them that maybe we could save our planet. It’s high time we realized that plants provide something far more valuable – clean air. So why not create clean air zones with the same scrupulosity as WiFi zones.

Breath with air purified by properly selected plants!

6.5 million people die each year due to pollution. It’s more than the number of HIV and malaria victims all together. The problem is omnipresent. It concerns all of us, our friends
and our families. We can’t just pretend everything is fine. And you can be sure it doesn’t not affect only crowded streets in the cities. City residents spend over 80% of their time indoors,
where they are exposed to inhalation of toxic substances, such as chemical or biological pollution. This is certain to entail negative consequences for health.

We expect systemic activities. Very good!

But let’s start with your own surrounding. Don’t put it off till tomorrow. Do it now! The solution that improves air quality is the use of plants that have developed filtering mechanisms to improve the photosynthesis process.

We specialize in greenery interior design aimed at air purification. We create a pollution measurement and prediction system along with a planting service suited to the interior aesthetics and design.
The process is customized and adapted to the needs of each client and the facility.<br /> Depending on the possibilities and requirements, it involves setting plants outside or inside the building. A thorough study enables us to offer a solution ideally suited to the space. We know that air quality in a few square kilometres can vary significantly. For effective performance we need high accuracy solutions.
The Whiff zone provides increased awareness and visualization of real solutions. Good air quality in the workplace is crucial for proper functioning of employees. Awareness built by Whiff also allows you to develop healthy habits that can lead to permanent<br /> and desirable changes.

Element of corporate image

Awareness of city dwellers regarding the negative impact of polluted air on their lives and health increases every year. Companies from various industries take a number of actions to invest in solutions that can improve air quality. This is not only a matter of high social responsibility, but also an advantage within the company positive PR. Both internal, conducted among employees, and external PR, i.e. building proper corporate image among companies’ customers. Join the companies associated in the Whiff program and receive a sticker informing about the Whiff Zone clean air space.

Architecture in harmony with nature

Despite an increase in urbanization and constant technological progress, our genetic predisposition does not change. We are an integral part of the natural environment
and we have an innate sense of communion with the wild nature. This is biophilia – a hypothesis advanced by Edward O. Wilson, a researcher at Harvard University.
Based on our knowledge of environmental psychology, as well as appropriate designing of interior and exterior, we can influence the well-being of users. Workplaces can be a reason for increasing employees productivity, improve creativity and reduce stress. Properly designed, harmonious interiors help people rest, they have a positive impact on building interpersonal relationships and strengthen the sense of security and belonging.

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