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Reliable measurements
Reference (gravimetric) measurement

recognized by PL and EU law

Real-time measurement
(laser sensors)
One of the most important elements is the selection of sensors used to measure the level of pollution.

In cooperation with scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology, we have prepared several modules giving the possibility of optimal adjustment of measurement methodology.

Basic module

measurement of PM1, PM2.5, PM10, temperature and relative humidity.

The basic module expanded with the ozone measurement module

air pollution with ozone occurs as a result of physical and chemical changes of other pollutants, mainly resulting from increased road traffic. Ozone is a major threat to human health. The same as it is with nitrogen oxides pollution, the problem with ozone pollution in Poland concerns mainly large urban agglomerations.

The basic module expanded with the nitrogen oxides measurement module

particularly promising are the results obtained with the use of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensors, typical for emissions from road transport and harmful to health emissions. The problem of exceeded NO2 concentrations mainly affects large urban agglomerations in Poland, where there is heavy traffic.

The device can be upgraded with:
Measurement of meteorological parameters

first of all, atmospheric pressure, wind strength and direction, total liquid precipitation and type of precipitation, solar radiation and lighting intensity. It is also possible to integrate the device with specialized measuring elements, such as soil temperature sensors.

Measurement of substances from combustion processes

(in particular, various types of waste found in the municipal waste stream) – it is possible to integrate sensors that measure the concentrations of such substances, e.g. formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen chloride.

Measurement of other substances,

e.g. benzene, methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, or the sum of volatile organic compounds, as well as other groups of substances.

Due to the fact that concentration of harmful air pollutants can be higher indoors, often indoor air monitoring is also important. Analysing research on internal pollution, we recommend measuring formaldehyde, ozone, NOx and carbon dioxide.